Affleck tells 'kid brother' New Hampshire in video to vote

Ben Affleck Funny or Die Vote

Ben Affleck has been super busy promoting his new movie The Accountant, which came out on October 14th, so we're so glad he had the time to get a little political and make this video!

In a new parody PSA for NextGen Climate and amusing or Die's "Everyone Votes!" campaign, the Boston-raised actor urges New Hampshire residents to vote in November's presidential election. Though he refuses to talk about certain curses that have affected those in the area, Affleck is adamant about getting people into the voting booth this November.

Among Benny's favourite New Hampshire activities?

Perhaps the most famous Bostonian around, the current Batman talked about how the state is like Boston's "kid brother", noting that "it's fucking lovely".

"New Hampshire is wicked f-ing important in presidential politics", he says in a thick Boston accent.

The "Justice League" star is heard saying, "If you give a s**t about women's rights, if you care about keeping environment safe for future generations, ever hear of it?"

"That's right, my basically home state of New Hampshire".

Though the actor, whose name is actually Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt, is a proud Bostonian, it appears he has a soft spot for New Hampshirites. "All of New England is counting on you".

Watch the Oscar victor speak in a wicked hard accent - above!



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