Korean Air to use tasers to clamp down on violent passengers

Korean Air crew to 'use more force' with unruly passengers

Dec 27 Korean Air Lines said it will allow crew members to "readily use stun guns" to manage in-flight disturbances, after coming in for criticism from USA singer Richard Marx for its handling of an incident involving a violent passenger.

As part of the changes, the airline said it would be providing more training to staff and hiring more male flight attendants, making sure at least one male is on duty in the cabin for each flight, according to Reuters news agency.

The recent incident involving a disruptive passenger became headlines when the United States singer said last week that he had stepped in to control a "a psycho passenger" who had attacked a crew member and other passengers after consuming two and a half shots of whiskey.

Korean Air Lines said it was beefing up its procedures on the handling of violent and unruly passengers after being criticized by US singer Richard Marx for its handling of an incident on board a flight on December 21 involving a violent passenger. I feel frightful for the abuse the staff had to endure but no one was prepared for this.

The company's president, Chi Chang-hoon, said Asian airlines had not followed U.S. carriers in tackling on-board violence and suggested "Asian culture" was to blame. He accused crew members of being "ill-trained" and "ill-equipped" to handle the "chaotic and risky event".

"We will use the latest incident to put safety foremost and strengthen our safety standards", he added.

"When he started pushing the female staff and pulling them by the hair", Marx was the "first to help subdue him", Fuentes wrote on Instagram. "They never fully got control of him".

"This went on for FOUR hrs", she continued. Korean Air said staff were only allowed to use taser guns in "grave" life-endangering situations. Korean Air Lines will also have the authority to ban passengers, who have had a history of unruly in-flight behaviour.

An airline spokesman later said that the passenger involved in the incident, identified by his surname Lim, had consumed two-and-a-half shots of whiskey during the flight.

It seems that violent behavior in South Korea has increased in the past years by more than three times.

The "nut rage" incident provoked widespread ridicule and resulted in the executive, Heather Cho, serving almost five months in jail.



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