Don't 'Netflix cheat' on your significant other this Valentine's Day

Netflix cheating is on the rise

In a new survey the streaming service released Monday, it's found that "Netflix cheating" - the act of watching without a partner's knowledge - is on the rise.

A new study has revealed that almost half of all couples around the world cheat on their significant others - when it comes to using Netflix.

You start watching a series on Netflix with your significant other and you're both really into it.

The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico where nearly 60 percent of streaming couples said they cheated.

The most popular shows among UAE cheaters were Black Mirror, Bloodline, Chef's Table, Gilmore Girls, Marvel's Daredevil, Star Trek and Stranger Things. Those in the Netherlands appear the most loyal to their partners with 73 percent saying they haven't cheated with Netflix.

Netflix says most TV watchers are not planning to cheat; about 80% of it is unplanned.

Netflix said the survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey for 12 days previous year and received more than 30,000 responses from 29 countries. About 25 percent are "sleepless cheaters" that will watch TV after their significant other falls asleep.

At least the next time you flip open your computer and find your Netflix viewing history is inaccurate, you'll know you're among the masses. It's just too tempting.

When did Netflix and Chill become Netflix and Cheat?

Cards on the table: When I was in college and in a long distance relationship, my partner and I would watch Downton Abbey together by playing it and Skyping at the same time, which is gross. And, 58 percent don't consider it cheating if their partner is sleeping.

There are probably a dozen more reasons to justify cheating even if it's going to upset your significant other.



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