'Grab Your Wallet' inspires more companies to remove Trump products

A Sears department store is seen in New Hyde Park New York

It seems highly likely that Sears, Kmart and Nordstrom will not be the only companies forced to decide whether they want to sell items related to Trump.

U.S. retailers Sears and Kmart's websites no longer sell products from the Trump Home line, which is owned by the Trump Organisation, a Business Insider report said.

Shares of Sears (SHLD) were lower in early afternoon trading on Monday after the retailer removed 31 Trump Home products from its website, according to a company spokesman.

Some of the Trump Home products included in the collection include furniture, bedding and lighting products.

The longtime Trump supporter included a Nordstrom rewards summary stating that as of December 25, Renee Baio had dropped just over $30,000 at the retailer past year.

Hanover added that Trump's rejected items can be found through a third-party vendor - which we assume is Sean Spicer's aggressively managed eBay account. Kmart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sears Holdings.

A comment wasn't available from an Ivanka Trump spokesperson.

Ivanka Trump's brand took a hit last week when retailer Nordstrom removed some of her items from sale.

It's unclear if Burlington will continue to sell Ivanka Trump's brand in stores.

The Baio boycott came five days after the President tweeted Nordstrom had treated his daughter "so unfairly" - a complaint swiftly retweeted by the official @POTUS handle.

But internal Nordstrom data The Wall Street Journal reported on over the weekend shows that the two may be linked.

Third-party retailers like Bloomingdale, Lord & Taylor, Amazon and Zappos are still selling Ivanka Trump's products.

The campaign drew increased attention this month when Nordstrom said it would not carry the first daughter's spring collection in its 349 stores, including an outlet at the Cherry Hill Mall. The Nordstrom move, which was echoed by Neiman Marcus and T.J. Maxx among others, led to calls by Trump admirers, including 1970s television actor Scott Baio, for a boycott of the upscale department store.



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