Rural public schools worry 'school choice' focus will leave them out

Education statistics: Figures lie and politicians figure

Weingarten and her allies have had their say against DeVos - pushing every Democratic senator, plus two Republicans, to vote against her confirmation.

DeVos was criticized by Democrats for her answers during a Senate confirmation hearing January 17, and many lawmakers reported hearing strong criticism from constituents, urging elected officials not to confirm DeVos.

Republican senators Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted against her, fearful that her unqualified support for vouchers and charter schools would undermine support for public schools.

The vice president of the organization, James Franko, said, "I think so long that we have the U.S. Department of Education, someone like Betsy DeVos is going to focus on individual students, rather than institutions. a good thing". What he and DeVos fail to consider is that with privatization comes lax regulation and these schools could eventually turn their backs on the students they're meant to help.

CNN reported that members of BlackLivesMatter DC, the Black Youth Project, and other groups also showed up after the groups sent social media messages urging people to protest at the school. Now more than ever, we need a champion in the Department of Education who will work alongside parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the educational success of our children.

Mrs. Devos issued a statement Friday thanking school officials for welcoming her. Not all charter schools soar anymore than all public schools just limp along, but we have known for decades that too many of our schools are malfunctioning and we are finding that charter schools offer real remedies, especially for the poor and minorities. She faced criticism and ridicule for a perceived lack of experience and confusion during her confirmation hearing. In her home state of Michigan, DeVos and her husband have championed charter schools - to positive effect. In this case, literally: according to videos like this, they physically tried to prevent her from entering the building.

Betty Patterson, president of the National Education Association in New Mexico, said the union would gladly provide DeVos with a list of New Mexico schools "for un-rehearsed visits" should she come to the state.

And there has been scathing opposition from teachers unions and civil rights activists over her support of charter schools and her conservative religious ideology. "School supplies?" tweet on her first day. Public charter schools draw less criticism, but some refuse to follow basic guidelines that ensure adequate education for students.

The good news is that a window has opened for the protestors and anyone else anxious about federal power - or maybe just interested in seeing the Constitution obeyed - to end the education department.

In one of the most disheartening developments in an extremely disheartening few weeks, the massively unqualified non-educator Betsy DeVos was sworn in as Secretary Of Education on Tuesday.



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