Texas Officer Stops Flaming Truck From Engulfing Drive-Thru

A Texas police officer’s quick thinking saved a fast food restaurant from possibly being engulfed in flames

Chris Womack has only been on the force for about 2 months and is already getting recognized for using his patrol vehicle to push a burning truck out of a Jack in the Box drive-through.

Dash cam video out of Glenn Heights caught an awesome save by a local police officer who knocked a flaming truck away from a fast food joint. That's was when he chose to use his patrol vehicle to push the truck away.

Officer Chris Womack was able to successfully move the vehicle away from the structure utilizing his patrol vehicle and no injuries were reported.

The driver got his wife and daughter out of the vehicle, but could not move the stricken pick-up and left it blocking access to the driveway.

Thanks to his quick thinking, major damage to the building was prevented.

No one was hurt. It is Officer Womack's first year on patrol. "It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time".

Police have not said what happened to the driver of the truck.



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