The Walking Dead: Burning questions raised after midseason premiere

15 'The Walking Dead' Facts

There was no warm welcome like the one they received at the Kingdom.

The next time we see Rick's group is at the Hilltop meeting with Gregory. We're finally reunited with Morgan, who tells them about Carol. In episode 9, Rick, Michonne and the others try to recruit the residents of the Hilltop and Kingdom communities unsuccessfully because of the reluctance of Gregory and Ezekiel, but the men and weapons they need may well Be found elsewhere. We don't know how interesting these new characters will be.

Ready for our crew to go to war? We'll have to wait till next week to find out who these people are, and if Father Gabriel has anything to do with them, but after a clumsy beginning, "Rock In the Road" finds the show moving forward in a big way. And there's a reason why Negan and the Saviors keep beating Rick's group. All of this came at a cost. And if they do, somehow, they will have saved us and we won't have done a thing'. "The more food we give them, the more arms, the more everything - every day someone gives them something, they become harder and harder to beat". Richard escorts the pack to the King's chamber where Rick delivers a long speech about the noble duties of the Kings and how he can eliminate the killers from that part of the post-apocalyptic world. This guy gets it. When he nearly drowned-slash-got-eaten in the walker lake during the mid-season finale, I realized I would legitimately be sad if he died.

King Ezekiel is one such ruler who should realize that it's better to be on Rick's side. Of course, I'm admittedly biased by my abiding love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I don't owe you anything. Aaron asked him. "I want us alive, both of us", is his boyfriend's response.

There is an explosion, to which Rosita affirms it was caused by the explosive she didn't like the look of.

Not only are there a ton of fun facts about The Walking Dead, but since it's based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series, there is even more to know about it! Granted, that following is probably filled with a lot of people who don't want to cross their leader, but it's still a big following. It's like they had been asleep or just caught in stasis or anger or despondency.

The last shot of the show was Rick smiling, an odd choice for someone surrounded by strangers wielding weapons they stole from you. It may come back to bite them later in the season, literally.

As we look ahead, it sure seems like Rick's militia is growing. and they have dynamite at their disposal. I can't tell if she had this knowledge on her own, or because of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) or perhaps because of Eugene (badass)? They spent a lot of time together in a military truck on their way to Washington, D.C. One of the Saviors, who sounds like Joey, approaches Negan and says he needs to talk to him about herd tactics. Despite Rick's best sales pitch, and despite his own trusted advisers telling him to follow Rick's lead, Ezekiel decides that the Kingdom can't afford to go to war against the Saviors.

On the way back to Alexandria, however, Rick's folks hit a snag, almost literally: a roadblock of cars parked across a highway span - and a tripwire hung between two cars, and littered with dynamite that Negan's folks used to shut the way down from the wandering walker herd.



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