Trump's executive order challenged by Syrian granted asylum in Wisconsin

The man's family is stranded in war-torn Aleppo the lawsuit says

A Syrian refugee living in Dane County has filed a federal lawsuit alleging President Donald Trump's executive order halting immigration from seven countries is unconstitutional. More than two dozen cases challenging the executive order have been filed in federal court.

The man, who is listed as Joe Doe in court papers, says the executive order makes it impossible to finalize legal asylum for his wife and daughter who are still in Syria.

The judge wants to know the status of the family's asylum application, whether the USA government has stopped processing applications, and whether a recent federal court case in Washington State on the travel ban applies to refugee vetting. The U.S. Justice Department has not responded. They could ask that the full 9th Circuit review the order from a three-judge panel, they could proceed to trial in front of a federal judge from Washington State, they could appeal the U.S. Supreme Court, or issue a new, revised executive order. Soon after that, he petitioned for asylum for his wife and daughter.

Every day that the man's wife and daughter are in hiding in Aleppo, Vrabie said, "is one that could be their last".

Members of both groups extorted, falsely imprisoned and tortured the man, the lawsuit states, and threatened to kill him. He argues that the executive order does not adequately address situations like his.

The civil action was taken in Wisconsin's Western District Court, naming President Trump, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State as defendants.



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