What Was Going on with Lady Gaga and Metallica's Grammy Performance

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Fans can reportedly look forward to another side of Lady Gaga when she teams up with Metallica for the 59th Grammy Awards show on Sunday night (Feb. 12).

Lady Gaga pretty much blew our minds last weekend with her Super Bowl performance, political or otherwise, so we had some pretty high expectations when we heard she'd be performing tonight with rock Gods Metallica.

But it did not stop Gaga as she shared her microphone with him. "No matter who you are or what you do", Gaga wrote. Lady Gaga may have just gotten a massive back tattoo.

Fans were shocked to see Gaga's new ink, and many of them also questioned if the ink was real or just a temporary one for her performance with the band.

"The Moth & Metallica -- #ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame #MetalliGa #metal #grammys @metallica", she captioned a photo of the possibly temporary body art.

Lady Gaga's Joanna came out too late to qualify for a nomination, but she appeared to be having a whale of a time on stage. The singer revealed that the underboob-exposing ensemble is her outfit for the biggest awards show in the music industry. In a Reddit AMA from a couple of years ago, she professed her love for Metallica, as well as bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Judas Priest.

'I mean, I've seen them live recently, and we were watching the how and I'll tell you something, those guys play better than they've ever played in their whole lives'. I was greatly disappointed when they cut their hair in the mid-1990s and became even more polished and accessible with Load and Reload.

She said: "I can't do it again, not after past year, I can't mess this up for him".



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