Wife, stepson charged in death of KKK leader

Frank Ancona

When police searched the home, Frank Ancona Jr. said he thought they found something of importance. Matt Wampler wrote in the probable cause statement. Frank's body and his vehicle were taken to Washington County and dumped.

The investigation into Ancona's death is ongoing.

Frank Ancona's body was found Saturday (Feb. 11) afternoon in the Big River, off Hwy C on Big River Road near Belgrade, Mo.

St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney Jerrod Mahurin presented the case to the judge Monday morning and the warrants were signed and served.

Ancona was being held pending charges.

According to court records, Jinkerson is facing unrelated charges of property damage and attempted theft.

Investigators said Malissa Ancona tried to destroy blood evidence and altered the crime scene in an effort to hide the killing, the Daily Journal reported. The following morning, a search was conducted by several agencies around the area where the vehicle was found. Jacobsen said, other than what appeared to be a burn pile near Ancona's vehicle, nothing was found. He was attending a local college, the lawyer said. His auto was found Friday evening in a remote area of Washington County in eastern Missouri.

Malissa Ancona told investigators that Frank Ancona's employer asked him to deliver a part, but the employer denied that, the newspaper said.

A safe inside the home had reportedly been pried open, possibly with a crowbar. Jones went on to make a vague threat about getting his organization's issues with Ancona "straightened out".

Malissa Ancona told police her husband took them, and was planning on filing for divorce when he returned from his work trip.

On Saturday, a band of local fishers discovered body stuck in a Missouri riverbed.

On the website, Ancona said: "Our mission is to preserve our White culture and heritage but also be relevant to the happenings going on in our Republic today".

Before his disappearance, Frank Ancona had identified himself as an "imperial wizard" with the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK.

But the website shows the group is committed to more than just white supremacy-it also exploits concerns about protests against police brutality.

Another added to Facebook, "Lol sound like the wife had him killed or killed him herself. either way. who cares. ohh wait many do, one less idiot in this world thank you!"

"Ms. Ancona admitted that she failed to report the crime and additionally attempted to destroy blood evidence and altered the crime scene in an attempt to hide the offense and was acting in concert with her son Paul Jinkerson Jr.", the statement said.



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