ZTE launching a gigabit smartphone at Mobile World Congress

ZTE's upcoming Gigabit Phone is so fast you won't be able to use

Qualcomm is making necessary steps to ensure its future chipsets are also similarly capable of outputting to those speeds, by adding its LTE-capable, gigabit producing X16 modem included in its Snapdragon 835 processor. The phone probably is going to aim for the markets that support such speeds like United States and Australia. This forward-looking smartphone will support 1Gbps download speeds, which are the speeds we've been told to expect from 5G wireless service.

ZTE has quite a portfolio of smartphones lined up for Mobile World Congress this year - so much so that the company has announced what may be its next flagship device a little early: the ZTE Gigabit Phone.

No further details are available, with ZTE saving some surprises for MWC. For now we can only guess if the Gigabit Phone will have the latest SoC by the San Diego-based company or another solution. There's no word on the other specs, the availability, or even what networks/carriers they are partnering with to make this phone's promised gigabit speeds possible. The company also believes that it would also help to cater 360-degree panoramic virtual reality videos, 4K videos, instant cloud storage, ultra Hi-Fi music and movies on the go. Again, that's just speculation on our part.

Now, let's talk a bit more about this smartphone, shall we.

Are you excited to see what ZTE has in store with this phone?



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