Amal Clooney 'baby bump' headlines spark backlash against media

People aren't happy about TIME's weird tweet about Amal Clooney's baby bump

If George Clooney weren't already married to Amal Clooney, I would be.

Amal Clooney is no stranger to this dynamic.

Amal Clooney spoke on behalf of the victims of the Islamic State group and on Thursday she asked members of the United Nations and the Iraqi government why they're not doing much to prevent these terrorists from committing such atrocities on people.

It isn't the first time the lawyer's advocacy has been overshadowed by her connection to her actor-husband, George, but the backlash on social media was swift, with users calling out the reductive approach, which exclusively hones in on women's marital or maternal status.

Time also joined the bandwagon when they published an article on Clooney on their Motto website-a site dedicated to delivering news to younger audiences.

She said despite Iraq having public support for a United Nations investigation, the government has not taken any step towards that.

Now, she's representing the Yazidis, a Kurdish ethnic group in Iraq, fighting for a formal investigation into a genocide she says has been targeting them. It's now being routed by government and coalition forces.

Clooney told a United Nations meeting on Thursday (9 March) that more than the brutality of the crimes committed by Isis, it was "shocking" to see the "passive" response by the world to the campaign to investigate the crimes. Clooney said, "but justice will be forever out of reach if we allow the evidence to disappear, if mass graves are not protected, if medical evidence is lost, if witnesses can no longer be traced". We can not say that Isis's crimes were not serious enough.

"ISIS has made clear that it intends to destroy Yazidis, like [my client] Nadia, completely: through killings, forced conversions, and rape", she said. "We must also kill the idea behind ISIS by exposing its brutality and bringing individual criminals to justice".

"The UN was created as the world's way of saying "never again" to the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis".

According to a United Nations report from June 2016, Isis has been committing genocides against the ethnic minority Yazidi women in Syria and Iraq, apart from resorting to sexual slavery and other crimes.

"Don't let this be another Rwanda, where you regret doing too little, too late", she concluded. "And yet here we are, 70 years later, discussing the UN's inaction in the face of a genocide that we all know about, and that is ongoing".

But the human rights lawyer is clearly aware of the increased attention on her, brought about by her marriage to one of the most famous actors in the world, and to Amal Clooney her style in fashion may be trivial but she's willing to use her newfound fame to get more people to focus on issues that are important to her and to a lot of people.



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