Amazon S3 Outage Has Broken A Large Chunk Of The Internet

Amazon’s Work Mail to Challenge Google and Microsoft

Amazon's Web Service online dashboard indicates that the problem is affecting the company's East Coast operations.

Amazon stated on Twitter that they understood the root cause of the problem and were working hard at repairing it and continue to provide updates here.

Amazon Web Services is Amazon's cloud storage company, which is used by many large companies, including Netflix and Expedia, and also relied on by small businesses to keep their web operations running smoothly.

In a statement posted to its AWS page, Amazon acknowledged "increased error rates" and "availability issue" but did not elaborate on the details.

For all you websites out there that are having extreme slowness issues today, you're not alone.

Some of the major sites and services affected by the outage include Quora, Giphy, American Airlines, Imgur, and Slack.

Yes - Amazon has a status page that users can check for news about outages.

And most of the time, AWS runs smoothly, bringing in the big bucks for Amazon while everyone who doesn't look at the backend of the internet forgets it exists.

There was at least one report that Apple, too, was experiencing problems with its iCloud service, that was not confirmed, and few reports of problems could be found. Google App Engine was down for almost 2 hours in August, and problems at Telia Carrier affected many popular sites and services in June of a year ago.

Why? Because of Amazon's behind-the-scenes web services.

"The dashboard has recovered", Amazon Web Services tweeted around 2:45p.m. If you received one of our newsletters and some of the spots and links are broken, this is most certainly a direct effect of the current AWS outage.



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