Gboard for Android introduces instant language translation

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It's unclear if the search giant plans on bringing the translate feature over to Gboard for iOS.

With the latest update on Android, Gboard can now auto-suggest both emoji and GIFs while you type, letting you insert either based on the context of what you're typing - in the case of emoji, with a tap you can replace the words with the emoji directly.

Now you can get emoji suggestion in the suggestion strip while you are typing.

Combating the vast library of custom keyboards out there, Gboard is now fully-equipped to express the musings of a 21st century citizen, even going as far as helping you speak in a language that you don't know. You may have to first save the file through GIF and then send as an attachment. Sharing GIFs will work in apps like Hangouts, Allo, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat; therefore, not every app you use will accept GIFs through Gboard.

Again, you notice the logic here?

If you're looking to customize your keyboard with new art, Google has added a new themes section that can now be easily accessed by tapping the "Google" logo on the upper left-hand side. Google is positioning Gboard as a one stop solution for translating stuff as well.

Google announced several new features for its keyboard app Thursday, including GIF and emoji suggestions, all of which finally catch Gboard up to its iOS version. Inside this same menu, you will also have access to a tool that can translate on the fly.

Speaking with the update's most notable feature, Google Translate makes a killer cameo here.

Improved voice typing. Voice Typing picks up an interface update that makes it easier to switch back and forth between normal typing.



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