Google Introduces New Tools For Game Developers At GDC

New Google tools helps apps games get more visibility on Play Store

Google also introduced an all-new editorial page in Google Play. This will drastically boost some low ranking apps up the list, thanks to diehard fans or just very committed users. By using those tools, the developers can check their game's performance, and how its promotion is going on. The best of the bunch is a program called playables which is a lightweight version of the game that shows up as an interactive ad that can be played inside of another app. Google already has a large ad network called Universal Ad Campaigns which consist of Google Display Network, AdMob, Youtube, Google Search and Google Play which it pushes it ads to. Nevertheless, at least we now can enjoy proper discounts on apps that some may be hesitant to buy at full price (I'm looking at you, Leo's Fortune). Google says Playables will being rolling out in the coming months. The apps people have big engagement in will be more prominent on Google Play Store, which is basically an algorithm change. There will be various styles and genres that will be featured and given attention, which is a pretty cool development for Google Play. It's all the more surprising when Google says: "During our pilot phase, developers not only saw a 3x-20x lift in installs during their promotions, they also maintained a nice lift once the sales ended".

As part of various significant updates which were implemented by Google in its Play Store policies for app developers (see our related update here), the new policies require app developers to add a privacy policy to the store listing, as well as in-app privacy disclosures. All the hand-picked games by them will be displayed in these pages.

Mumbai: Mobile games generated over 80% of combined direct App Store and Google Play spending worldwide despite representing about 35% of total iOS App Store and Google Play app downloads in 2016, "Gaming Spotlight 2016 Review", a report by App Annie and International Data Corporation (IDC) said Wednesday.

Google said Monday at the annual Game Developer Conference in San Francisco that it's debuting several features meant to better promote higher-quality games and distinguish them from the duds.



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