Mount Etna volcanic explosion injures 10 people

Ash billows into the sky visible from miles around

A BBC crew and tourists were caught up in the explosion, according to the account of BBC News science correspondent Rebecca Morelle, who reported the ordeal on her social media account.

There is no confirmation as to how the serious their injuries are.

Morelle added that among the injured was a 78-year-old woman who was very close to the source of the explosion, but safely got away.

"Volcanologist said [it was the] most unsafe incident experienced in his 30-year career".

The group, who suffered only minor injuries, were struck by boiling rocks and steam as they hiked up the Sicilian volcano has been erupting for three weeks, reports the BBC.

Mount Etna - located on the island of Sicily - is the largest active volcano in Europe.

Six people remained in nearby hospitals Thursday afternoon recovering from injuries.

Ten people were injured Thursday by an explosion from one of the craters of Etna which is now active, local sources said.

The volcano started erupting yesterday, but experts said the level of eruptions had decreased today.

"Violent explosion at the contact between flowing lava and thick snow on Etna about one hour ago", he wrote.

Tourists and journalists from the BBC were among the injured, though that didn't stop them from filming the ordeal.

The primary problem was that the lava hit snow that had fallen along the mountaintop, causing explosions because of the massive temperature difference.

Italy's volcanology institute said it was continuing to monitor the phenomenon.

An explosion at the volcano in 1979 killed nine people and wounded 23 others.



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