Nintendo investigating problems with Switch's left Joy-Con controller

The upcoming North American release of Puyo Puyo Tetris is similarly listed at $40 for the Switch, but only $30 on the PS4 (where it will only be available as a physical release).

It's unsure whether this firmware design flaw also affects performance of other Switch titles, but on the NEOGAF forums, users are suggesting that it could slightly benefit the performance of other games as well, including the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's not very stable and a little poking will topple the Switch down. However, there's still time for Nintendo to introduce a faceplate or skin of some sort to allow us to make the device look even better.

It's great to see the Activity Log feature finally roll out for the Nintendo Switch, but it's still lacking a lot. Until then, it's best to activate Flight Mode (if playing handheld) or disconnecting altogether (if playing docked) if you want the best experience. If seeing is believing, the Nintendo Switch should inspire a quite a following of faithful.

Meanwhile, GAME appears to be rather satisfied with how the Switch launch worked out, too. You're able to play the latest games from Nintendo and a refreshed line-up from its partners.

Hacker Qwertyoruiop, who is known for jail breaking iOS devices and PlayStations, tweeted a proof-of-concept of jail breaking the Switch over the weekend with a photo of modified screen dialogue. And, for the most part, early adopters are happy with the Switch.

The second hiccup comes in Nintendo's continued use of Miis, which haven't been redesigned or received any update since the days of the Nintendo Wii. Even though the two Joy-Con collectively have the same number of buttons of sticks and can be slotted into a grip approximating a traditional controller shape, that's not good enough for some. Thankfully, it's a much more exciting proposition for players: home console-quality gaming on the go.

Jailbreaking, the ability to have root access to a device beyond developer intentions, is now achievable on the Nintendo Switch.

This seems to be the case in various markets as almost everywhere is short to sold out completely for both bundles of the Nintendo Switch. "The number [of Joy-Con replacement or fix requests received] is not significant, and is consistent with what we've seen for any new hardware we have launched", the statement reads. "But certainly we understand the desire, and it's something we pushed hard for from a production standpoint".

If you want an additional one, get one now before it gets sold out again.



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