NPPA slashes cancer drug prices by up to 86%

Price of cancer drugs slashed by up to 86% more drugs to come out soon

Providing a respite for cancer patients, the drug pricing regulator National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has cut prices of some cancer drugs by up to a whopping 86%, reported Mumbai Mirror.

A senior doctor from Tata Memorial Hospital said, "It is a big relief for cancer patients". Other drugs whose prices were reduced include Doceaqualip (37 per cent) and Levin (25 per cent), the regulator said on Monday. "We have not received any complaints regarding this either from the state drug controllers or from the hospitals", NPPA Chairman Bhupendra Singh told.

The regulator has been fixing and modifying the prices of drugs, and by January this year, when it had slashed the prices of 33 drugs, over 620 drugs had been placed under the price.

The drugs include Iressa of AstraZeneca Pharma India, whose price has been bought down from Rs 29,259 to Rs 3,977, a reduction of 86 per cent and Dr Reddy's laboratories' Grafeel - the price of which has been slashed by 41 per cent, it said. "As they are often very expensive, patients often leave the treatment midway".

The prices of other important cancer drugs, such as Nanoxel (Rs1,035) and Frastim (Rs1,273) have been slashed by 55 per cent and 51 per cent respectively.

In terms of diabetic drugs, Glypride by Sun Pharmaceuticals has been priced at Rs 53 - down 42 per cent from Rs 91.

Focus on cancer treatment In December, the government made a decision to set up dedicated cancer treatment facilities in the cities of Chandigarh, Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, and Varanasi.



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