President Trump cuts funding to National Endowment for The Arts

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The National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities have always been ripe targets for conservatives looking to trim fat from the federal budget, but President Donald Trump's newly released blueprint proposes eliminating them entirely-and arts and humanities advocates are already gearing up for a fight.

"The loss of federal funding affects our overall operating and programming budget significantly", Susanna Pollack, Games for Change President, told Kotaku.

State and private entities provide match $9 for every dollar of federal funding, they said. "It must therefore foster and support a form of education and access to the arts and the humanities, created to make people of all backgrounds and wherever located masters of their technology and not its unthinking servants".

The caucus emphasizes the role of arts plays in a balanced approach to education. A lot of this grant money goes to funding game design programs and classes in education or to support games that seek to promote social change or educate.

Money from the NEA and NEH finds its way to Wisconsin to help fuel the state's arts scene and enrich its cultural life. Still, why should the rest of us suffer through four years of no arts?

The NEA also funds some of Seattle's big arts groups. This almost 10:1 return rate on the investment is not uncommon, Wicks says, as in their district, every dollar from the federal government was matched by approximately $9 of public and private support. "That amount that is allocated, it would be such a shame", Brody said of the National Endowment for the Arts. Eric Gurna, president and CEO of the organization, which is housed in the Mayor's Office, said LA's Best could be affected indirectly by cuts in federal arts funding, after it passes through the state.

"Rural areas and low-income communities specifically would suffer disproportionately from significant reductions in funding from the NEA", she says. "Access to the arts has fueled generations of great Americans, uplifted communities and helped heal our nation's greatest divides". Its appropriation for 2016 was $147.9 million, which is.004 percent of the national budget, a majority of which went to benefit people with fewer opportunities to participate in the arts, according to its website.

This "contradiction" in efforts and results offers strong support to the drive to end federal funding, says NEA critic David Marcus, who is also the artistic director of the Blue Box World, a Brooklyn-based theater project (which receives no federal funding).

A map of where NEA grants are distributed in MA. "There really is a fragile ecosystem for the arts in this country". According to a recent report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the art and cultural production contributed more than $704 billion to the US economy in 2013, accounting for 4.2 percent of the US GDP.

"When you have the conversation around what's going on in the city, you often hear about the negative aspects of Lawrence, but there's this arts and culture renaissance happening in the city", said Victor.

"There has never been an administration like this one, so we don't know what to expect", he said.



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