Queen grants royal assent for Brexit bill

German Chancellor Angela Merkel awaits the arrival of the new European Parliament President Antonio Tajani at the Chancellery in Berlin Germany

Queen Elizabeth II has given Royal Assent to the Brexit bill, Speaker of the House Commons, John Bercow, and his counterpart in the House of Lords, Lord Norman Fowler, announced on Thursday. She described the passing of the Brexit Bill by politicians as a defining moment for Britain.

One amendment sought to guarantee the residence rights of European Union citizens living in Britain, while the other wanted parliament to be given a "meaningful vote" on the terms of Brexit at the end of the two-year Article 50 negotiations.

The Queen is expected to give Royal Assent to the Brexit bill in the next few hours, paving the way for Theresa May to trigger Article 50.

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said: "Just because this Bill has passed through Parliament does not mean we are giving up".

Brexit Secretary David Davis immediately confirmed Mrs May would invoke Article 50 by the end of this month.

It formally receives Royal Assent to become an act when it is read out in both houses of Parliament late this morning.

Peers ultimately backed down, allowing the bill to become law.

While Queen Elizabeth refrained from weighing in on the Brexit debate before voters unexpectedly opted to leave the European Union in the June 2016 referendum, May said earlier this week the queen would give her Royal Assent and allow the negotiations to proceed. The EU will then issue a formal response to May's formal Article 50 notification and would require about two months to draw up the full divorce guidelines.

Once Article 50 is triggered, an eight-week process to set guidelines will take place after the European Union issues a formal response.

In a message to the 1 million European Union citizens in London, Khan said: "My message to them is clear: you are Londoners, you are welcome here and you deserve a commitment from the government that you can stay".



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