Russian Federation says Syrian government officials will attend Geneva peace talks

The remains of an Israeli interception of a Syrian missile that landed in Jordan on Friday

Though the Israeli military has denied any of its fighter jets were shot down, it did say Friday that it had intercepted several anti-aircraft missiles.

Israel's multi-tier air defense missile system will be fully operational early next month with the deployment of the David's Sling interceptor, a senior Israeli air force officer said on Monday.

Syria's military launched anti-aircraft missiles at the attackers and said it had downed an Israeli plane and hit another as they carried out pre-dawn strikes near the desert city of Palmyra.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the air strikes targeted weapons bound for Lebanon's Shi'ite militant group Hezbollah and that Israel would do the same again if necessary.

Russia's foreign ministry on Monday said it had summoned Israel's ambassador over the strikes and "expressed concern". It marked the first time Israel had used the Arrow missile, which has been jointly developed with the US over years to defend against long-range missiles from Iran.

Russian Federation and Israel had already set up a "hotline" aimed at avoiding air clashes over Syria, which Moscow said it would like to see work more effectively.

"Next time, if the Syrian aerial defense apparatus acts against our planes, we will destroy it", Avigdor Lieberman told Israeli Public Radio on Sunday.

The official said the missile was identified as a ballistic threat and had a heavy warhead that could have landed inside Israel if not intercepted.

In April 2016, Netanyahu admitted for the first time that Israel had attacked dozens of convoys transporting weapons in Syria destined for Hezbollah, which fought a 2006 war with Israel and is now battling alongside the Damascus regime.

Israel has a long record of violating Syrian airspace with impunity that stretches back to before 2011, when the country's current armed conflict began.



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