Samsung's Galaxy X foldable smartphone tipped to be shown off in Q3

Samsung plotting 'ultra-premium' foldable smartphone for 2018?

Samsung's game plan for 2017 involves manufacturing thousands of prototypes, testing it internally for quality and performance, and then handing it over to major customers like mobile network players to get an idea of market response.

Mass-production should start in 2018 after Samsung gauges demand for such a device. However, after Samsung Galaxy Note 7's ill-fated demise in the market past year, Samsung is expected to bring forward an innovative design that can make the disaster a faded memory. Which means the foldable smartphone might take center stage.

When Will Mass Production Begin?

Given that the current deadline for the appearance of the prototype has been set to Q3, we can speculate that Samsung might bring the handset out at IFA 2017 in Berlin. The company is reportedly aiming to design its first foldable smartphone as an extremely luxurious device that consumers will perceive as being even more premium than the Galaxy S lineup. With foldable displays getting showcased at earlier trade shows, it was only a matter of time before they got reduced in size to the point where they could be used on smartphones and tablets. This new smartphone will offer "luxurious design and high-quality", which will have a halo effect on Samsung's entire line-up.

Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years. Recent reports suggest that numerous Chinese display panel makers are also now committing more resources to their efforts of developing a prototype of a foldable smartphone panel.

It appears that Samsung is not the only company that has been rumored to be working on foldable display smartphone prototypes. Since China is a late starter in both display and Smartphone industries, it can become a leading country in displays and Smartphones by securing "world's first foldable Smartphone" title. The report also says that Chinese companies are also very interesting in pursuing the foldable smartphone niche.

Unnamed industry sources told ETNews that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display aim to start prototype production in the third quarter of this year.



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