Scotland's Sturgeon says could hold independence vote in 'autumn 2018'

Theresa May

Sturgeon said late next year would be "common sense" date for Scotland to hold a second referendum before Brexit officially takes hold.

My hunch is that the SNP's record in government is starting to catch up with it, that Ms Sturgeon will - like her predecessor - end up loved by nationalists by not so much by unionists and that the SNP senses that the clock is ticking.

She said she was not "bluffing" about holding another referendum and warned politicians in Westminster that Brexit is not "some kind of game".

"I have seen estimates that they might last for a couple of years, so I can't comment on what might be known in autumn 2018", Fallon said.

Sturgeon said the autumn of 2018 would be "the common sense time", as the framework of the deal between Britain and the European Union becomes apparent.

"I'm not ruling anything out".

"Theresa May in deciding to play to the hard-right Brexiteers in her own party rather than trying to find maximum common ground is in danger of making a decision to leave the European Union - which I already thing is damaging, potentially quite catastrophic for the United Kingdom", she said.

May has repeatedly batted down the threat of Scottish independence, stating there is no need for a second Scottish ballot. It found that 50 per cent would vote Yes and 50 per cent No, in a poll that included those who said they knew how they would vote and were either very likely or certain to vote.

What did Nicola Sturgeon say?

The SNP leader has also described a referendum in autumn 2018 as being in a "common sense" time period during the negotiations between London and Brussels.

"People in Scotland don't want a second referendum, and the SNP doesn't have a mandate for one".

Discussing her constant pestering, Mr Gove told the BBC's Brexit: Britain's Biggest Deal programme the First Minister's case for independence is "weaker" since Britain opted to sever its ties with the EU.

Patrick Harvie, the co-convener of the Scottish Greens, told BuzzFeed News that Theresa May's "intransigence and inflexibility" towards Scotland over Brexit is pushing the country towards another referendum. "It was a fair, decisive and legal vote, both sides agreed to abide by that and we think that both sides should and that the continued discussion around a second referendum is a distraction".

He added the No campaign had been "shattered by these broken promises" before hailing a new opinion poll commissioned by STV that showed 50% of Scots support independence, up from 45% in the 2014 referendum.



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