'Sesame Street' Introducing First Muppet With Autism

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This is how Lesley Stahl introduced her "60 Minutes" segment on CBS Sunday night about one of the most venerable children's shows on TV: "There are not many shows on television that deserve to be called true American institutions-but one of them is surely 'Sesame Street, '" Stahl said. In April, Sesame Street will introduce Julia, a new muppet who has autism.

In the episode, Julia demonstrates common characteristics of autism, and when Big Bird is introduced to her, she ignores him. We're modeling the way both children and adults can look at autism from a strength-based perspective: "finding things that all children share".

60 Minutes visits "Sesame Street" for the 1st time and films the debut of new Muppet, Julia, who has autism.

"There is an expression that goes, 'If you've met one person with Autism, you've met one person with Autism'".

Covering everything from encouraging an active imagination to racism, they have taught children across the world all about how to be respectful and understanding of others.

First-run episodes of Sesame Street air on HBO and later run on PBS. Several social media users said that the show embracing Autism awareness is a great initiative for children. Stacey Gordon, the mother of a son with autism, will be the puppeteer for Julia.

"That's just Julia being Julia", Abby Cadabby explains.

On Sesame Street's website, she can be seen in short videos alongside some of the show's most iconic characters such as Elmo and Abby. "Sesame Street" often works with educators and child psychologists when developing new muppets. However, she revealed that she would personally "love" Julia to enjoy a starring role. "It's really meaningful to see her there, singing with Elmo, Big Bird and all the other characters".

Julia makes her TV debut in the USA on April 10th on HBO and PBS. She is beyond excited to play her and hopes to humanize her as much as possible.

As Vulture reports, Julia will be familiar to some fans of the show.

She also has a son with autism, and, before she started her family, was a therapist to youngsters on the spectrum.

Julia has featured in "Sesame Street" digital and printed storybooks since October 2015 portrayed as a girl who "does things a little differently".

The goal, Sesame workshop says, is to not only help children understand a character who may resemble their friends and classmates on the autism spectrum, but also to show kids with autism diagnoses a character to whom they can relate.



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