U.S. women's hockey team boycotting World Championships over fair wage dispute

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Since their announcement, the team has received public support from fans and peers alike - including from their counterparts on the USA women's national soccer team.

Financial support for players who have graduated from college has been an issue for women's hockey players as long as the sport has been around.

Now let's just hope all of this support helps the cause and gives these talented women the support and treatment they rightfully deserve. They also pointed to inequities in development programs, asserting that while USA Hockey spends $3.5 million annually on its national team program for boys, girls receive no "comparable" support.

Meghan Duggan, the captain of Team USA, gets straight to the point with the players' demands for equal and fair treatment.

The United States Women's National Hockey Team is taking a profound stand against the gender pay gap in sports by boycotting a championship tournament.

The players are seeking a contract with USA Hockey that they say "includes appropriate compensation". And the inside, which was supposed to list all the years the USA won gold, left out the women's title in 1998.

The U.S. women's hockey team is threatening to boycott the upcoming world championships in a struggle for fair wages.

The members of the US women's national hockey team dropped a bombshell on Wednesday when they announced they will boycott the 2017 IIHF Women's World Championship unless "significant progress has been made on the year-long negotiations with USA Hockey over fair wages and equitable support".

"It says a lot for what they're fighting for", Granato said by phone.

Recently retired six-time Canadian Olympian Hayley Wickenheister tweeted: "Action takes guts - we know this fight well". According to ESPN, USA Hockey has traditionally paid women $1,000 a month during the six-month Olympic residency period, and "virtually nothing" during the rest of the four-year period - even though players are expected to play and compete full-time. "Sadly we both have it better than most of world".

The American women have also medaled each of the five times women's hockey has been contested in the Winter Olympics, including winning gold in 1998.

Lamoureux-Davidson said they were making a stand to try to force a change.

In the words of captain Megan Duggan, the women want the organization that runs hockey in the country to "stop treating us like an afterthought".

According to the law-firm statement, the USA women claim they are paid only during the six-month period that precedes the Olympics, and then only $1,000 per month. "We want this to get resolved".



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