Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners complain their screens are affected by red tint

Images of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus prototype featuring a dual camera setup on its rear has re-surfaced on the web. Samsung uses deep red OLEDs to balance the sub pixel colours evenly. But a large number of customers who have received their Galaxy S8 units are complaining about the screens having a weird reddish tint.

For whatever reason, Samsung had scrapped the idea of fitting a dual-camera on the Galaxy S8 series, and, sure enough when the phones did launch in late March there were only single-sensor camera setups to be found.

In fact, Samsung has confirmed this. The Galaxy S8 features a larger display than its predecessor, the Galaxy S7, and sports a voice assistant meant to rival Siri and Google Assistant. Even so, if some users still consider the display to be too reddish, they can take their device and exchange it at the service center. No doubt, Samsung will want to win back customers, gain their confidence and regain the credibility it lost due to Note 7.

In a response to the article, Samsung reportedly told the publication the phenomenon is "not a quality problem", and "can be adjusted with the phone itself". While it made sense for Samsung to finally join the bunch this year, it didn't. A few days ago, XDA Developers reported that the Bixby button could be reconfigured to activate any other app such as Google Assistant or the camera. However, why has Samsung removed the ability to remap the Bixby Button on its flagship smartphones?

Galaxy S8 has also drawn severe flak from users worldwide, regarding the inability to use the phone's Bixby feature or assign its button to any third-party app like Google Assistant. You can go for it as it is already proved that Samsung's new phones won't explode or burn.

Although not set to hit retailers' shelves until April 28, those who pre-order the phone before April 19 will get the phone as early as the 20th.



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