Giraffe watch: April remains a picky eater

WATCH LIVE April the giraffe’s handlers say “pushing contractions” documented throughout the night

April the giraffe has "significant bulging occurring" in her back end and is becoming very distracted, Animal Adventure Park zookeepers said Wednesday evening.

Sunday morning morning, keepers reported "increased discharge, continued lack of interest in food, full udders".

'It didn't move at first, but she started licking him, and you know nuzzling him, and pretty soon he was up, ' she said.

On Monday, Animal Adventure said it will reveal the calf's sex via its text alert system.

What can we expect during the baby's birth?

In an earlier post, vets pointed to a lack of appetite as a sign of impending labor, and April had an early "light's out" in an attempt to speed up labor, the keepers also said.

Their Thursday morning update was brief, focusing on April's shape. But the animal park's social media person is probably very happy. She has been pregnant through nearly the entire election cycle. So, Helms says they "hoofed it" over to the giraffe exhibit where she took out her phone just in time to see the giraffe's water break and catch the birth on camera. "Made possible in part by their sponsorship, Animal Adventure Park will be donating $25,000 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation!" "Mostly people asking what April's birthday is, that's the most common question I'm getting, which I don't know".

Patch explained that April is in good and strong condition that not only is her life span expected to go well past the 15 years, depending on how she handles her fourth birth, she could possibly be fit enough to have more calves.

To be raised by the mom for six to 10 months, the separation will come after that period and the little giraffe will be shifted to another facility for a breeding program.

Sarah Roffe, giraffe team manager at Chester Zoo, said: 'Although it might be quite a drop, and they may fall to the ground with a bit of a thud, it's how giraffe calves arrive into the world and it stimulates them into taking their first breaths'.

The videos were initially cut short as people flagged them as "sexually explicit". The park blamed the removal on animal rights activists who oppose zoos.



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