'Girls' Breastfeeding Finale Gave An Honest Look At New Motherhood

Hannah's style on 'Girls' is tragic. It's also the most relatable part of the show

The Girls series finale airs tonight, April 16 at 10PM on HBO. Even with Marnie's help, Hannah doesn't have the easiest time embracing being a mother.

This is one of those Girls moments that people may be inclined to cite as an example of how the show skewered millennials, those allegedly fragile creatures who, like Hannah, disintegrate when every ball in life fails to land right in their strike zones.

"We always said Marnie and Hannah were the true love story of the show", Konner said. She's pulling an Adam and wants to help Hannah raise her baby.

Konner: I'm a big yeller. And just when you all thought I was wrong in the time jump-prediction I made in last week's review: BAM. By the end, after she'd lectured a spoiled girl about the meaning of a mother's love, she'd relaxed enough to bond with her infant son, Grover.

She named the baby Grover.

The episode follows Hannah and Marnie as they slip naturally into the off-kilter dynamic that so many couples experience in the early days of raising their first child. No, she didn't apologize to her mother or Marnie, who was there helping her, but she was back on track.

Williams talked about how she tries to find compassion for her "Girls" character, why she had to be in "Get Out" and her next move. And if he rejects her, Hannah feels (knows, in her mind) that it's her fault. But it's not like Marnie is on vacation right now: She's helping her very grumpy, very hard best friend raise a human child in a town she doesn't know, away from all their friends and family.

When she got home, Hannah saw her mom and Marnie taking care of a sleeping Grover. It 100% was but I think even Lena Dunham herself would agree that the show did things we hadn't seen on television before and that alone made audiences want to tune in.

Marnie decides to take a night off. Because for once, someone else's wellbeing is worth Hannah's pain. Marnie is always playing the do-gooder martyr and Hannah is always playing the perpetual screw up, Hannah forever unappreciative, Marnie perpetually unappreciated, Hannah the sloppy child, complaining from the backseat about the grown-up's singing, Marnie the put-upon grown-up who won't just tell Hannah that, yes, she is going into town to see some jazz trio.

For new moms, a Marnie can come in different forms and with different labels: a romantic partner, a family member, a good friend.

While Hannah is off on her misadventure, Loreen and Marnie have some QT. To "nurse" her "infant" (a six-month-old baby, by my estimation), Dunham wore fake lactation nipples. And when the teen took off with her jeans and shoes, Hannah offered this parting shot: "So you run, you little harlot, but life is going to chase after you with problems you can't even imagine". Though plenty of people have trashed it, I've found it pretty entertaining, and even occasionally relatable in that early-20s, bad nostalgia kind of way.

At one point, Hannah also had a meltdown due to all of the pressures of motherhood. Hannah Horvath of Girls has grown up.

Loreen arrived and promptly scolded Hannah for still being asleep after Grover had been awake for hour. She has no one to blame but herself for how things have turned out. The episode is odd because Hannah's world has become something she doesn't recognize, but life works like that sometimes. It turns out Grover doesn't hate her so much. Shoshanna, who lost her virginity to Ray and eventually became best friends with him, finds a fiancé with the same penchant for Sprinkles cupcakes as her, and Ray finds his happiness with a world-loving Aidy Bryant. "You are all he has", Hannah's mom says.

The strength of the friendships on Girls seemed to be measured on the individuals' willingness to show up for one another, repeatedly, in situations where their help often went unappreciated. But instead of an assault or something serious, the girl was running from her mom telling her to do her homework. You're smarter than this. Shoshanna tells the three that she's moving on, Jessa and Hannah have their moment of mutual forgiveness and the catharthis allows them to dance it out and enjoy the rest of the party.

Something I hear a lot from other mothers with babies and toddlers is the desire for permission - whether that means permission to cry it out, to keep feeding the baby multiple times a night, to continue breastfeeding or to quit, to call or not call the pediatrician.



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