Google Home's assistant can now recognize different voices

5 things you can do with the new Google Assistant

Instead, when asked to create a reminder, Google Home says, as it did before, "Sorry, create reminder is not yet supported". Up to six people can connect their Google account to a Google Home, and the unit will try to distinguish each person's voice from the other users connected to the device. The way each person says those phrases is analyzed by a neural network, which detects certain characteristics in human voices. This comparison takes place only on your device, in a matter of milliseconds.

The multi-user feature has begun rolling out in the USA and will expand to the the coming months, the company said.

Google Home owners will have to teach the hub how to identify their voices by saying "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" twice into the device, when prompted.

After going through the setup process for multi-user, Google Home has access to some of your personal account information.

Now if you want to see how to use Multi User feature in Google Home we have written below. Example: you purchase a Google Home for your whole family to use, but you quickly realize that it can only support one Google account.

As announced, Google Home can recognize up to six different voices.

Google Home is a challenger to Amazon ("amzn") Echo, a connected speaker that does much of the same thing. Everything from playlists, schedules, shopping lists and travel info dished out by the Google Assistant will be personalised to cater to the person asking.

This may also prove to be the beginning for the introduction of all those features which Google displayed in its I/O developer conference a year ago but never introduced. "We don't recommend that users rely upon voice identification as a security feature", said the company. Nonetheless, this new feature will definitely make Google Home more personal in some of its responses, given the factor who is giving the command.

If you don't see the notification, tap the devices button (an icon of a television and a speaker) in the top right corner.



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