Homeland Security chief backtracks on splitting families

The number of people caught trying to enter the United States typically increases as the weather warms

Illegal immigration across the US-Mexico border has plunged in the past two months as President Donald Trump's crackdown takes hold, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Wednesday.

Trump had previously implied that the wall would stretch across the entire 2,000-mile border between the US and Mexico - and on numerous occasions said directly that Mexico would pay for it.

The deadline has passed for companies to propose designs for Donald Trump's promised wall along the border between the USA and Mexico. In February, 23,589 immigrants were arrested for illegally crossing the Mexico border to enter the US.

"We're not going to build a wall ... where it doesn't make sense. It's frustrating to me", McCaskill said. Kelly's comments reflect longstanding views of many security experts and growing concerns among lawmakers that an end-to-end wall isn't feasible or affordable.

State lawmakers in NY and California have proposed measures barring companies involved in the construction of Trump's wall from doing business in those states. The overall migration and border security situation in the western hemisphere will worsen before the society of the spectacle and its policy element, the border wall project, is rendered useless. Also in March, the Trump administration released its FY 2018 Budget Blueprint that requests $44.1 billion in discretionary budget authority for DHS, a $2.8 billion increase from the FY 2017 annualized continuing resolution level. Kelly said he is committed to erecting the structure "where the men and women say we should put it", and is looking at numerous variations of Trump's promised wall.

"Customs and Border Protection has seen a sharp decline in apprehensions along the Southwest Border since the beginning of the year; this March will be the lowest with less than 17,000".

Mr. Trump's oft-stated promise to build a "big, beautiful" wall was a cornerstone of his campaign pitch.

This undated rendering provided by DarkPulse Technologies Inc. shows a proposed border wall between Mexico and the U.S. The wall proposed by Arizona-based DarkPulse Technologies would be constructed with ballistic concrete. "But I think we are going to do this in a very thoughtful manner", Johnson added.

The agency, responding to questions from companies on a website for government contractors, said the Border Patrol would respond as needed if there is a hostile attack, but companies were responsible for security.

Kelly said that the parts of the border that have a physical barrier now-roughly 650 miles built years ago-works well in those sectors to deter illegal immigrants and/or the transport of illegal drugs.

Thomas Gleason of Gleason Partners LLC in Las Vegas says the wall should be environmentally useful, "For the younger generation, they say if there is going to be a wall, let's have it be green".



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