Kim Jong-un warns of 'super-mighty preemptive strike' against U.S.

Moscow rejects MSM reports on ‘Russia blocking’ UNSC condemnation of N. Korea missile test

The latest bellicose statement follows North Korea's weekend display of military hardware in a parade marking the birthday of its founder Kim Il Sung and two attempted missile tests, one of which failed.

On Wednesday, US Vice President Mike Pence vowed that the United States would counter any North Korean attack with an "overwhelming and effective" response.

Russian Federation has blocked the UN Security Council from condemning North Korea's latest missile test even though China had backed the strongly-worded statement drafted by the United States, diplomats said.

The North has said it has developed a missile that can strike the mainland United States, but officials and experts believe it is some time away from mastering the necessary technology, including miniaturising a nuclear warhead.

It comes just one day after Tillerson, as part of President Donald Trump's hardline stance against North Korea, said the U.S. is exploring ways to put pressure on Pyongyang.

Previous statements that condemned the reclusive state's activities were thought to have been welcomed by all the member-states of the council as the draft had called for peaceful resolutions "through dialogue".

The U.N.'s most powerful body demanded an immediate end to the North's nuclear and missile tests and threatened to take "further significant measures" - U.N. code for new sanctions.

Such statements by the 15-member council have to be agreed by consensus.

Tillerson wasn't the only Trump-appointed USA official making remarks about North Korea on Wednesday. However, this time the statement reportedly dropped "through dialogue" from the draft, which Russian Federation had insisted it be included, according to Reuters.

The U.N. Security Council threatened new sanctions against North Korea Thursday in a strongly-worded condemnation of its latest missile launch after the US agreed to a Russian request to include a call for "dialogue" with Pyongyang.

"When we requested to restore the agreed language that was of political importance and expressed commitment to continue to work on the draft. the USA delegation without providing any explanations canceled the work on the draft", the Russian U.N. mission said in a statement on Wednesday.



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