Labour leader says UK election 'establishment vs people'

Green Party calls for electoral pacts with Labour and the Lib Dems to 'stop the Tories wrecking our country'

Brexit, along with Hammond's relaxation of fiscal spending, makes Labour's case for increased expenditure much more palatable. She said: "We'll be doomed with Labour and Tories. time for a change".

"If they truly trusted the British people - and wanted to give them a real say over the future direction of this country - then they would have committed to a democratic vote on any final deal", she said.

That's not just about who serves your morning coffee but who nurses our elderly and sick, who builds our homes and offices and provides so numerous skills that, to our shame, we lack as a country.

She said: "It is unlikely, if I look at the figures, that we will have a Labour government".

Mr Corbyn has led Labour since September 2015, and he was re-elected last September, winning the votes of almost 62 per cent of the party's membership.

We don't fit in their cosy club.

Instead, Labour wants a "good process by which we continue to trade with Europe". "They're quite right I don't", he said in extracts of his speech released beforehand. I don't play by their rules. Here are four areas the Labour Party must focus on if they are to stand a chance at winning (whatever that constitutes) on the 8th of June.

LONDON (AP) — Facing steep odds and low popularity ratings, Britain's main opposition leader launched his election campaign on Thursday, painting himself as a populist outsider who will overturn a "rigged" political and economic system.

But he will insist: "Things can and they will change". The next six weeks, if Labour gets its act together, could change the political landscape of this country for the next decade.

Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas, a coalition of their own, maintain in the letter that joining with the other two parties would "stop the Tories from wrecking our country for generations to come" with draconian austerity after Brexit proper. Last year, Lewes voted by 53 to 47 percent to stay in the EU. We will not let the elite extract wealth from the pockets of ordinary working people any longer.

UKIP has lost its only MP, its leader is regarded as literally incredible after his performance in the Stoke by-election and, more importantly, Mrs May has shot the UKIP fox. If they don't pick up Edinburgh South, they are left with a total of 52 MPs.

He hit out at the "gilded elite" and multinational corporations who he accused of hiding money in tax havens. For all Theresa May's warm words on the steps of Downing Street the Conservatives will never do any such thing.

"Over the last seven years the Tories have broken every promise on living standards, the deficit, debt, the National Health Service and schools funding".

It was their wealthy friends in the City who crashed our economy.

The Conservatives boast of record numbers of jobs. "But if they get 45-50 percent of the vote that would not be enough to suggest that support for the SNP has significantly nosedived".

Britain is the sixth richest economy in the world.

If I were Southern Rail or Philip Green [chairman of Arcadia Group], I'd be anxious about a Labour government'.

"Corbyn's strategy has been to say 'we will allow Brexit to pass but under certain conditions.' That hasn't really worked in parliament and I'm not sure it will work in the country", she said. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a contribution to make and a life to lead.

"It is wealth that should belong to the majority and not a tiny minority".

That position has deteriorated further today with a YouGov survey putting the Tories on 48% - a staggering 24 points ahead of Labour.

Prime Minister Theresa May also pointed to the upcoming Brexit negotiations, which he said would require a strong leader to secure the best deal possible for Britain.



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