Listen to Lady Gaga's Powerful New Track "The Cure"

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Lady Gaga's visual director has promised her headline set at Coachella will be full of surprises.

Gaga is taking her headliner duties seriously, and has been in rehearsals "pretty much every day" since agreeing to play the festival, her long-time choreographer and visual director Richy Jackson revealed.

Lady Gaga remedied the pop landscape with "The Cure" it needed during her headlining performance at Coachella over the weekend, and now she's prepping to inject Hollywood with a similar jolt of performative energy at the annual music festival.

Lady Gaga's new single "The Cure" is out now and you can hear the official studio version right here! She used the milestone event to debut her single "The Cure". At the moment we don't know whether further new music is set to be released, but the important thing is... we have a new single from Gaga and it's actually a summer banger. "It's called 'The Cure, '" she stated. That title was originally set to go to Beyoncé, but she pulled out in February due to her pregnancy.

But these reactions have been in the minority, as many fans have embraced Gaga's return to pop after the country-inspired sound on her recent album Joanne.

A live stream replay of her performance, along with other acts at Coachella, is available on YouTube.

"I love you guys so much".

"If I can't find the cure, I'll fix you with my love", she sings on the track.



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