Microsoft hosting launch event on May 2 sans Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface CloudBook Could Be It's Answer to Google Chromebook

It can only run UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications, or UWP apps, from the Windows Store, but it will be ideal for students because it will have all the Office applications that a student typically uses, plus it will be able to run Office 365 off the cloud as well.

It's also possible that Microsoft won't showcase its own hardware, but use an OEM device like HP or Dell to run Windows 10 Cloud to show how fast and versatile it can be. Much like in Edge, you'll find a tabbed interface at the top of a window where you can switch between instances of the same app.

The Surface Pro 4, which is available at massive discounts, is now over a year old and we desperately need a new Surface Pro to drool over.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may be released in October. If you are in the market for a notebook in that price range right now, Microsoft is discounting the price by a few hundred bucks to $1,299.

Now, the service has been given a major expansion with the new Dynamic Lock feature, which links to your smartphone to secure your device when you're away from the PC. However, reports suggest that a Surface Phone launch remains unlikely. Design wise, that's quite disappointing, but the Surface Book 2 will be cheaper starting at $1,000. And I'll see you in the next one b... bye!

Surface Pro 5 or Surface Phone aren't on the menu on May 2 claim multiple online news portals.

Recently, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) sent out invites for its May 2 event, where the Redmond-based tech giant is expected to target the educational sector.

According to a rumor, the company might come up with a revised version of the Surface Pro, hybrid of tablet and ultraportable.

Microsoft has now officially announced that it will be holding an event on May 2.

Despite some improvements to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and the operating system update process, the lack of other anticipated Windows 10 Creators Update features left IT underwhelmed. Indeed, you probably already all know the truth: Windows Phone has slowly become irrelevant since Microsoft scaled back its mobile efforts following the release of the Lumia 950 and 950XL, and its market share has decreased significantly a year ago.

Microsoft then ruled that Windows 10 would be the only supported edition on seventh-generation and later CPUs and simultaneously dictated a substantial shortening of support of both editions. The laptop is rumored to be the first device running Windows 10 Cloud to hit the market.



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