No talks with Palestinian inmates on hunger strike

More than 1 000 Palestinian prisoners begin hunger strike

"This massive strike sends a strong message to the Israelis, after 50 years of occupation, suppression and oppression, that the prisoners. will lead their people from behind bars", she said.

Palestinians have rallied in the occupied West Bank in support of the hunger strikers.

An Israeli minister has called for the execution of prominent Palestinian prisoner Marwan Bargouti, as more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners have been since Monday on a hunger strike in a bid to improve their conditions in the Israeli jails.

"Prisoners are doing the same, so it's really about who cracks first", he added, noting that if more prisoners were to join the strike, the Israeli authorities may have trouble handling the large numbers. Israel charged him with directing suicide bombings and he was sentenced to five life terms. According to Palestinian prisoners' groups, there were about 7000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

The terrorists are demanding better conditions, additional visitations from relatives (cancelled by the Red Cross due to budgetary costs), no more solitary confinement and the release of 500 administrative detainees.

A leader of a sweeping hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails was put in solitary confinement on Monday as Israel was seeking to break the protest, officials and local media said.

The strike lasted two months, the longest mass fast in Palestinian history, and ended with an agreement that the head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Club described as "not a huge victory, but a modest step forward".

It was unclear whether the strike could be sustained to the point of forcing concessions from the Israeli authorities, but experts said it nonetheless had the potential to stir passions among Palestinians. They are convicted terrorists and murderers. Several hundred are being detained without charges.

Peace talks on the creation of a Palestinian state between Israel and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas broke down in 2014.

In response, Israel's Minister for Intelligence and Transportation tweeted that Barghouti should have been executed right after his 2004 conviction for five murders as part of the 2 Palestinian Intifada. Barghouti declined to offer a defense at his trial and refused to recognize the Israeli court's jurisdiction and legitimacy. He said he organized the hunger strike to fight back, after exhausting all other options.

Israeli authorities have reportedly begun reprisals against hunger-striking prisoners, including with transfers, isolation and confiscation of personal belongings.

Referring to the amended description of Barghouti, Netanyahu added that "the paper retracted it because we pointed [the error] out to them".



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