Ready to apologise if my tweets were 'anti-Muslim': Sonu Nigam

Sonu-Nigam-Syed-Sha-Atef-Ali-Al Quaderi

Sonu Nigam, completely undeterred of this trivial warnings, tweeted this:Just as promised, he shaved his head, not only for his integrity but also for everyone who believes in religious fundamentalism.

Responding to the fatwa, Sonu tweeted: Today at 2pm Aalim will come to my place, and shave my head. "He said: Azaan is important not the loudspeaker". "Playing loud sound on a speaker is gundagardi for me", Nigam told reporters.

He said, "I'm also against those who take out processions while drunk".

One Nadeem Rana, head of a local religious organisation, approached the Jinsi Police Station with a written complaint against Nigam, the official said.

Shave off his head, said a cleric, enraged by Sonu Nigam's tweet on loud sermons. The 43-year-old singer's Monday tweet about Islamic prayer calls has created a huge controversy in India and overseas. However, Sonu clarified on the issue, saying, "When I am talking about Loudspeakers, I did mention Temples and Gurudwaras too". His tweets that termed azaan from mosques "forced religiousness" and use of loudspeakers "gundagardi" soon became a controversy and Sonu Nigam was slammed left, right and centre on social media.

"What happened to Bollywood's champions of free speech because Sonu Nigam is not a sycophant of your club, so no support to him? hypocrites", he tweeted. Keeping his word has earned Sonu Nigam Twitter's respect (barring the trolls and those who promptly turned the occasion into a joke). On Monday morning, the singer tweeted about waking up to azaan despite not being a Muslim. I am a believer but I don't think my religion is the best but yours isn't.

"And by the way Mohammed did not have electricity when he made Islam. Why do I have to have this cacophony after Edison?"



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