UK prime minister defends decision to seek snap election

May has called for a snap June 8 General Election seeking to strengthen her hand in ongoing European Union exit talks and tighten her grip on a fractious Conservative

IG Group, which is an online trading platform, has created a general election seats market which allows traders buy and sell the total amount of seats each party could win.

It is worth remembering that during the European Union referendum, 53.9 per cent of Maidenhead - the Prime Minister's constituency - voted to remain.

Ms May surprised allies and opponents on Tuesday when she announced her plan to bring forward an election that was not due until 2020, saying she needed to avoid a clash of priorities in the sensitive final stages of the two-year Brexit talks.

She has also played up the strength of the economy, which has so far defied predictions of a slowdown - a key campaign theme that her Conservative Party will use to try to undermine Labour in the election.

She said holding an election in June, rather than as scheduled in 2020, will give the country "certainty and stability" as it negotiates its departure from the EU.

The leader of the main opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, pressed May in Parliament Wednesday to take part in a televised debate ahead of the election, but May maintained she had no interest in doing so.

"In the last couple of weeks, Labour has set out policies that offer a clear and credible choice for the country".

But if May can withstand the public scorn, she doesn't have much incentive to show up for a debate - her party's already the heavy favorite to carry the election.

"Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for those who want to stop me from getting the job done", May told a rowdy lower house during her weekly question and answer session.

"Yesterday she changed her mind, not for the good of the country, but for reasons of simple party advantage", Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, told supporters at a rally.

"Her motive is clear". An early ballot will give the next leader more time to implement Brexit before another election. So she wants to act now to crush parliamentary the parliamentary opposition that she faces.

Under current legislation, parliaments have to sit for five years before new elections take place.

In Bolton, Mrs May said the country now has a "unity of purpose" and a desire for the Government to "get on" with implementing Brexit and "making a success of it".

Responding to ITV's announcement, Mr Corbyn said: "I welcome ITV's decision to attempt to hold a TV debate with the Prime Minister".

Parliament will be dissolved on May 2, sparking nearly six weeks of campaigning.

Her plea came as MPs prepare to vote on the motion in the House of Commons. May's decision for earlier elections could help push plans in Scotland to hold another referendum on independence in a bid to remain in the EU.

Britain's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at a meeting about social care in Birmingham central England Tuesday April 18, 2017.

Ms Dugdale said the election was about who governs the United Kingdom. Former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, a powerful voice in favour of Britain's European Union membership during the referendum campaign, also said he would not seek re-election.



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