United Airlines CEO to visit China after dragged passenger incident

Emirates boss on United I would have quit over passenger'disgrace

In response to the April 9 incident at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, where a passenger was physically removed from his seat and dragged off a United Airlines flight bound for Louisville, Ky., state Rep. Peter Breen, R-Lombard, has filed legislation intending to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Dao's lawyer, Thomas Demetrio, said Dao "suffered a significant concussion, a broken nose, a sinus injury and lost two front teeth" and will require reconstructive surgery.

In regard to the sale of a seat when there is a no-show, airlines are technically selling a seat that has been sold; the seat on that flight belongs to the passenger who could not fly for whatever reason.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz apologized on "Good Morning America for incident".

The incident came to light only because some passengers shot the horrific scene on their cell phones and posted the videos on social media. And after initially making no apology for the incident and praising the flight's crew members for following company policy, United has tried to make amends by offering full refunds to the other passengers and announcing that to avoid any repetition, any crew members that needed to travel would have to show up at least an hour before the plane's departure. "But to just randomly say, "You're getting off the plane", that was awful". Once a passenger is seated with a PAID ticket, that is their seat!

The page, which the same passenger confirms he did not see when checking into a different United flight this past Sunday, asks "Are you interested in possibly taking a different flight in exchange for a travel certificate", helping the airline to identify which passengers have flexible travel plans and are therefore more amenable to being bumped to another flight if theirs is overbooked.

As Mr. Trump mentioned, even he would give up his seat if an airline's offer were sufficiently generous.



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