8-year-old was assaulted by classmate before killing himself

Video shows boy, 8, being viciously bullied days before suicide: attorneys

In a the newly-released video that prompted the coroner to reopen the Gabriel Taye case, the 8-year-old can be seen walking into his school bathroom. Was there a connection between what happened in the bathroom and Gabriel's suicide?

Gabriel lies motionless, his legs crumpled under him, as other students run away. Gabriel tries to shake the bully's hand, but is yanked into the wall.

Attorney Carla Leader said the bully is then seen celebrating after knocking out Gabriel and that students step over him while others poke him with their feet as he lay unconscious.

Two days later, Gabriel was dead, having taken his own life.

"Gabriel was a shining light to everyone who knew and loved him", his mother said in her statement.

Reynolds' attorneys say she didn't learn her son, Gabriel Taye, was bullied until they saw an email written by a Cincinnati police detective that describes the scene outside a boys' bathroom where the attorneys say Gabriel was knocked unconscious.

It was not until March that the video was brought to their knowledge.

Now, Branch and Reynolds are hoping that parents and students will come forward with more information. Branch said that a legal team is now working to determine whether to file a lawsuit and who would be named as the defendant in such an event.

Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco's office has ruled Gabriel's death a suicide, but she said last week that she was reopening the investigation to re-examine the boy's injuries and whether there were contributing factors to his death.

"He was an outstanding young man, and this is a great loss for his family and our school community", the Cincinnati district said in a release about the video. A veteran homicide detective, Eric Karaguleff, provided a timeline description of the video.

"The school nurse checked Gabriel's vital signs, which were normal". The mother took him to a hospital that evening after the boy vomited and complained of stomach pains. His mother took him to the hospital, where she was told the boy had a stomach flu.

On January 26, two days after the altercation, Taye hung himself with a necktie from his bunk bed.

Leader said the boy came home from school on January 26, spoke with his mother and went into his bedroom. The next day, Gabriel went back to school, but at home that night, he hanged himself.

Police have finished investigating the incident and no charges were filed, according to Fox19.

The video then shows Gabe being attacked before he is left lying on the ground unconscious for more than seven minutes, until an assistant principal and school nurse came to his aid.

"I witnessed behavior that in my belief is bullying and could even rise to the level of criminal assault", if not for their ages, a police detective said, according to that report.

Gabriel was the only child of his single mother, who is engaged to be married, Branch said. WLWT investigator Todd Dykes talked to Gabe's mother, Cornelia Reynolds, after the death of her only child.

As for the school, they claim that they opted to release the surveillance tape in the interest of transparency.

"I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug", Reynolds said.

The whole thing is deeply upsetting and very bad to think an eight-year-old child should have to go through such a thing. "That was his way". She said his mother was never notified of the alleged bathroom assault.



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