Israel provided intelligence Donald Trump shared with Russians

Then-FBI Director James Comey testifies at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on May 3

A day later, The New York Times reported that the source of the intelligence was Israel, citing a current us official and a former one.

British PM Theresa May meanwhile said Trump is free to decide what to discuss with White House visitors, while stressing that London's relationship with Washington was "the most important defence and security relationship" around the world. Israel is a key US ally and a major source of intelligence in the Middle East.

The classified intelligence US President Donald Trump divulged to Russian officials last week was provided by Israel, a media report said on Wednesday.

In a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Trump is said to have disclosed classified information.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, Trump defended sharing information about Islamic State threats to airline safety with Russian officials during the meeting.

Comey wrote a memo after one February meeting at the White House stating that President Donald Trump had asked him to shut down the FBI's investigation of ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Post added that the information was related to ISIS.

Complaining about what he said were signs of "political schizophrenia" in the United States, Putin said Trump was not being allowed to do his job properly.

"The fact that you have very high quality sensitive intelligence can lead to revealing the source."

The intelligence reportedly came from a USA ally that did not authorise Washington to share it with Moscow.

- Russian President Vladimir Putin is speaking out on relations with the United States on this Wednesday.

US President Donald Trump sits in the driver's seat of a semitrailer as he welcomes truckers and CEOs to the White House in Washington, DC, to discuss healthcare, March 23, 2017.

"If the U.S. administration considers it possible, we are ready to submit a transcript of Lavrov's talk with Trump to the U.S. Senate and Congress, if, of course, the U.S. administration would want this", Putin said, according to the Russian-owned Tass news agency.

Some of the intelligence President Trump provided to Russian officials is so secret that American news organizations are still being asked not to report it, two USA officials told NBC News.

"On a day when we thought things couldn't get any worse, they have", Schumer said". But if Congress really wants to know what was said during the Oval Office meeting with Trump, Lavrov, and ambassador Sergei Kislyak, Putin says he'd be happy to provide their notes.



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