North Korea: US and South Korea tried to assassinate Kim Jong Un

North Korea deliberately detonated a missile during its failed weekend test because the rocket was heading for Russia it has been claimed. A North Korean live-fire drill

North Korea on Friday (5 May) said that it will immediately begin "a series of more powerful our-style anti-terrorism striking actions" against the USA and South Korean intelligence agencies that plotted to kill their leader Kim Jong-un.

The half-brother of Kim Jong Un was poisoned with the VX nerve agent while in Kuala Lumpur airport and died en route to a hospital.

The North Korean news agency did not mention how the alleged plot was busted nor it mentioned the name of the North Korean suspect.

The said places are believed to be the location of North Korea's rocket launchers and artillery pieces.

"The regime may also be seeking to influence the upcoming South Korean presidential election in favor of progressive candidate Moon Jae-in by portraying rising tensions on the peninsula as the result of conservative governments in Washington and Seoul", Klingner said.

Supporters hoped it would send a strong message to North Korea, amid worldwide concern over the escalation of its nuclear programme.

South Korea's intelligence service told CNN they know nothing about the alleged plot.

He has also called for continuing US "freedom of navigation" operations in the contested South China Sea.

The credibility of the latest claim could not be independently verified. The National Intelligence Service dismisses them as propaganda. Over the years, North Korea has also detained around a dozen USA citizens for anti-state activities allegedly designed by the American government to cripple the undesirable North Korean regime.

When it accused the South Korean spy agency in these cases, it usually named the CIA as a co-conspirator or the mastermind.

North Korea warned this week that United States hostility had brought the region to the brink of nuclear war.

Still, it is highly unusual for the North to assert that the South's spy agency plotted to assassinate Kim.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce's (R-CA) Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act, a bipartisan bill that strengthens sanctions targeting North Korea's Kim Jong Un regime.

It said the two Chinese publications asserted the North Korean nuclear weapons program was a threat to China.

Over the decades, there have been occasional unconfirmed reports of quickly suppressed armed rebellions or assassination attempts in the North. H.R. 1644 would impose sanctions on North Korea, specifically targeting its shipping industry and entities overseas that use North Korean slave labor.

On Friday, a spokesman for North Korea's Foreign Ministry called Gardner's remarks a "provocation that can not be overlooked" and an affront to the dignity of the country's supreme leadership, from a man who was "tantamount to mentally deranged".



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