Theresa May 'scared' to defend policies, rivals claim on leaders' debate

Ukip's blundering leader Paul Nuttall made another gaffe- accidentally calling Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood Natalie

"You want this election to only be about Brexit because that means you avoid talking about the real issues like the NHS, the economy and the cuts you have made to our public services", said Ms Wood.

After the debate, the Conservative Party chairman Patrick McLoughlin said: "Tonight gave a glimpse of the chaos you could get in just three weeks with all the other parties propping up Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister".

In her opening statement, Ms Sturgeon said: "This election really matters - for all of us across the UK".

Mr Farron, Ms Sturgeon, Ms Lucas and Ms Wood all united to ridicule Ukip's Paul Nuttall for seemingly blaming a number of problems, including the NHS crisis, on immigration. We need strong opposition holding a Tory government to account, keeping them in check and standing up for the values we hold dear: values of social justice, tolerance and community.

It's possible Mr Nuttall was confusing Ms Wood with former Green leader Natalie Bennett, who took part in similar televised debates in 2015.

"Brexit would never have happened if it wasn't for Ukip", he said.

He insisted Britain must leave the EU's single market, telling Lib Dem leader Tim Farron: "There's a big world out there".

He warned: "Theresa May - backed by Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn - is going for an extreme Brexit deal that will damage our future for generations".

"The public deserve to see a debate between the only two people who could form the next government".

Ms Wood replied, 'will you call me Leanne?', while Ms Lucas also got involved by pointing out the gaffe.

Mr Nuttall said there was a "big world out there" beyond the European Union to trade with, including "the Anglosphere and the Commonwealth".



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