Veteran Suspect in Shooting an Uber Driver

Uber driver shot outside Lakewood apartments

An Uber driver was shot in Texas after a man likely got the wrong idea about him posing with a firearm, officials said.

Officers arrived about 1 an apartment complex in the 100 block of North Brookside Drive. Once at the apartments, the passenger took out his gun to show the driver.

Police said an intoxicated man called for a ride home and for some reason made a decision to show the Uber driver his handgun.

The suspect witnessed the two with the gun and thought something suspicious was going on, police told CBS-11.

The man who fired the shots and the passenger in the auto are now being questioned by investigators. The gunman reportedly was providing the victim first aid when police arrived.

The freaky series of events began when Uber driver Marwin Al-Aloosi, 24, noticed the passenger he was picking up in Dallas had a small case. His condition was not available.

Instead, the shooting appears to be the result of a freaky misunderstanding by a military veteran possibly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was taken into police custody for questioning but police have not released what charges he may face, according to WFAA-TV.



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