Aussie man on the run after Bali prison escape

Australian man Shaun Davidson has escaped from Kerobokan Prison

Bali police are investigating whether an Australian man and three other foreigners who tunnelled out of Kerobokan prison were helped by guards, other prisoners or someone on the outside.

One of the men, Australian Shaun Davidson, 33, had less than three months left on his sentence after he was jailed previous year for violating immigration law.

Prison escapes are fairly common in Indonesia and authorities launched an investigation last month after around 350 inmates broke out of an overcrowded jail on Sumatra island in Riau Province.

Davidson was sentenced in September 2016 to a year behind bars for using another person's passport.

Surung Pasaribu, the Corrections chief at the Law and Human Rights Ministry, told News Corporation it was believed the men had escaped through an underground tunnel behind the jail's clinic.

Davidson is wanted in Perth, charged with possessing methamphetamine and cannabis.

He was sentenced to one year in prison and fined 100 million rupiah (AU$10,000), but he opted to serve extra five months instead of paying the fine.

Davidson said he lost his passport.

Davidson's photograph, along with his three fellow escapees have been circulated around Bali as police attempt to find the men.

He said he had been expecting a "living hell" when he was incarcerated in April past year after being named a suspect.

Sayed Mohammad Said was the last prisoner seen during morning prayers and again at 6.30am this morning. It's pretty hard for some of the locals in there, if they don't have any money, you don't eat.

Davidson had spent the year before he was apprehended boxing and partying in Bali.

"If so, by the estimated time of escape, the street would have been crowded with traffic".



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