Boxer who was in critical condition after fight has died, family says

Alberta MMA fighter and boxer Tim Hague

Jackie Neil says in a statement on behalf of her family that Tim Hague died on Sunday.

The MMA star-turned-boxer is now fighting for his life after he was knocked out cold by Adam Braidwood in the second round of their match leaving him brain dead.

The 34-year-old swapped the UFC cage for the boxing ring last year after a rough run of form that saw him knocked out in four of his last five MMA fights.

Former UFC fighter Tim Hague was knocked out in the second round of his boxing match against Adam Braidwood Friday night, and he has reportedly been left brain dead and in critical condition. Hague's head bounced hard off the canvas as he fell.

The statement from the family says they are asking for privacy. "He was surrounded by family, listening to his favorite songs. We are all with him".

The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission, which regulates professional combative sports events in the city, has not responded to emails or calls this weekend.


On reflection, though there's little doubt that Hague was outmatched on the night and the fight should have been stopped earlier, to understand how this tragic outcome was reached you have to take into consideration the punishment that "The Thrashing Machine" had taken over the course of his career, and in particular over these past few years.

Hague injury may serve to raise concerns ahead of the contest, with McGregor set to take to the ring with one of the most accomplished boxers of all time.

A video on YouTube that purports to be the fight shows Hague lying still on his back on the canvas after taking a punch to his head from Braidwood.



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