Greenland tsunami, floods leave 4 people missing after quake


A 4.1-magnitude quake, which struck 28 kilometres north of the northwest village of Nuugaatsiaq, is believed to have triggered the tsunami, according to a report from Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa, the national broadcaster in Greenland.

Emergency services were initially called at 22:15 local time (00:15 GMT) to reports of major flooding in the village, the Greenland Police's Facebook page said.

The settlement of Nuugaatsiaq suffered the most, with 11 houses being washed away and the community being left with no electricity.

Nuugaatsiaq was evacuated but four people were still missing, Greenland's police said in Sunday's statement. Two people were seriously injured, seven people injured lesser degree of complexity. The remaining 23 people may be on vacation, or have gone fishing or hunting, police chief Bjørn Tegner Bay said, adding he couldn't confirm whether there have been any fatalities.

Police urged the citizens of Illorsuit, which also saw the large waves, to return to their homes, but warned of sirens that would signal people to seek higher ground in case of aftershocks. Talt med formand for Naalakkersuisut Kim Kielsen for at udtrykke sympati og blive opdateret.

Many residents in Nunavut have family ties in Greenland, which has a population of about 56,000.



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