Here's How Niantic Plans To Bring Legendary Pokemon To Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

In its statement, Niantic assured players that the gym shutdown would be making way for exciting new features to the game, though the developer did not mention nor enumerate exactly what features would be making a debut in the mobile title.

Gyms are being shut down temporarily, as revealed recently, but a number of new features are coming to change the Gyms and add the ability to fight in Raid Battles. You'll be able to spin on gyms and receive items just like you would regular Pokestops, with the usual cooldown time between them.

Gyms will now feature six permanent defender Pokemon slots that players of the current controlling team can fill with Pokemon of their choice.

There's also going to be Gym Badges that you can collect for getting involved the Gyms, suggesting that people are now more interested in collecting Pokemon than battling.

This isn't all. Interacting with Gyms earns players Gym Badges which players can level up by battling other Pokemon Trainers, giving berries to Pokemon in Gyms, and spinning a Gym's Photo Disc.

Full details can be located at the link above, but this is definitely going to change the way the game is played and how people will react as a team to accomplish goals. These raids will occur when a rare and powerful Pokemon takes over an existing gym. You can get a free Raid Pass by visiting a gym, but you can only hold one at a time (though Premium Raid Passes are available from the in-game shop). The Pokemon which rule a gym will also now be affected by a stat called motivation which be lowered after every battle with an enemy Pokemon. Each tier of badge will give you better rewards.

And to make things more competitive, defending Pokemon will lose motivation over time, which will lower their effective CP and therefore make them easier to defeat. However, a Pokemon's motivation can be increased by feeding it berries, which may mean that we need to revisit gyms in person to feed our Pokemon. Once a raid boss appears, gamers will have five minutes to defeat these super-powerful Pokemon, specifically by teaming up with up to twenty nearby trainers - including members of opposing teams.

Ever since the launch of the popular location-based augmented reality (AR) title Pokemon Go, fans have been waiting for the introduction of multiplayer features that will allows players to work together, or even battle one another directly.

In order to roll out the update, Niantic will be temporarily disabling gyms starting this afternoon.



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