Alton Sterling's family sue city in father's death

Clayton's U2 bandmates loved him before he loved himself

The family of Alton Sterling, shot and killed by Louisiana officers past year, is suing the city of Baton Rouge as the cops have so far escaped charges in his death.

Sterling, 37, was shot and killed outside the Triple S Food Mart on July 5, 2016 after two officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department responded to a call of a man threatening the caller with a gun outside the store.

Sterling's children said in the suit that the shooting fit a racist pattern by police to use lethal force against Blacks, an issue that many protesters were vocal about during demonstrations following his death. "It's about resolving this case for the children who no longer have a father because proper procedures weren't followed", L. Chris Stewart, one of the children's lawyers, said at a news conference. "This is about his children and this is about bringing this community together".

The Sterling family's suit says Salamoni, who filed the fatal shots, shouted "b-- I will f--ing kill you" and "I am going to shoot you in your motherf--ing head" before a struggle where Sterling was stunned with a Taser and wrestled to the ground. It seeks unspecified damages against the city, police officers involved in the shooting and the police department.

The Justice Department initially investigated the shooting and announced last month that it would not file charges against the two officers.

Acting under the directive that their main priority was to secure the scene and Sterling's weapon, the officers instructed Sterling to place his hands on the hood of the patrol vehicle, but he refused and a struggle ensued.

The officers are white, and Sterling was an African American. The first caller said Sterling had been in the store's parking lot selling CDs and the second claimed Sterling pulled a gun on someone. "But we have had officers tell us that there are some problems with policing in this city".

The suit also takes aim at Dabadie, claiming the police chief failed to properly "train all active police officers under his control and supervision".



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