Disney unveils incredibly detailed model of Star Wars land

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On display during the comic-con for Disney enthusiasts is an extremely detailed model of the Star Wars lands that are being built in both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. Work began on it in 2016. It includes plans for attractions and rides within the space.

Diehard fans might be disappointed to learn that the park, designed by Doug Chiang, isn't based on Tatooine, Endor, or Cloud City, but on a never-before-seen planet, a "remote trading port" in the Outer Rim, which is expected to be revealed in the new movies.

Chapek went on to say that more exciting details about Star Wars Land will be announced during the Disney Parks and Resorts presentation on Saturday. Representing the largest single-themed land expansion at 14 acres each. First up, some from the official Star Wars photographer. Special lighting on painted backgrounds will change the environment from day to night. There will also be droids and aliens on hand to greet customers.

One of the attractions will enable guests to take control of the Millennium Falcon "on a customised secret mission", while the other will put park visitors in the "middle of a climatic battle between the First Order and the Resistance".

Speaking about the second ride, Chapek said it "defies categorisation". "It's really about living in a story". "Bounty hunters, traders, merchants, scoundrels, thieves, politicians - all of these people will be part of this environment".

While Disney and Lucasfilm have already chose to revisit one beloved character from the "Star Wars" saga for its series of anthology movies with a young Han Solo film, actor Mark Hamill has shared his thoughts on whether a Luke Skywalker movie could also happen, AceShowbiz says.



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