Doomfist Finally Comes to Overwatch

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Now there is no slated release date for Doomfist, but he is now available for testing on the PTR. He is decked with cybernetics and uses a rather formidable looking Hand Cannon for ranged battles, when he's not punching enemies in the face. It does more damage if you knock an enemy into the wall. One is a glimpse of Doomfist's ultimate ability Meteor Strike, which involves Doomfist slamming the ground with that fist of his and doing a whole mess of damage.

His second ability channels his internal Street Fighter with an uppercut that would make Ryu jealous.

Doomfist's primary attack is a somewhat dinky little shotgun. Once selected, Doomfist comes smashing down from above, stunning all around him. With his passive, known as 'The Best Defense.', he'll acquire a temporary shield over time as he does more damage, which will also deteriorate as less damage is dealt. Ogundimu is the current Doomfist, and believed to be aligned with Overwatch's villains.

Even before his release, Overwatch's story is expanding.

Doomfist hails from Nigeria, meaning he's West African, and we now know that he's a prominent member of the Talon leadership, revealing that Talon has a council of leadership and not just a lone leader. Blizzard told Gamespot it was actually Ngaujah, a Broadway actor who also appeared in movies including The Signal (2007), Stomp the Yard (2007), and Money Monster (2016). It revealed some important details about the individual expected to go by the moniker of Doomfist. It seems that Reaper, another Overwatch character, was the one who helped Doomfist escape and managed to defeat over a dozen guards during the attempt.

KitGuru Says: It's been a long journey for fans awaiting the arrival of Doomfist, but is the payoff worth it?

I think I speak for everyone when I say Doomfist can't drop any sooner.



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